Creating an expandable RAID 10 on Dell PowerEdge R720xd

Storage capacity is not always easy to determine when you don’t know the exact space requirement in advance. Even with the price of hard drives going down, you do not want to pay too much in advance for space you will not use. Extending the space available after purchase, without rebooting your server, can be a great way to save money in the present without compromising the future. Let’s see how to extend a RAID 10 array of a Dell R720xd running Ubuntu Server 12.04, even when Dell says the RAID controller does not support this feature. . . . → Read More: Creating an expandable RAID 10 on Dell PowerEdge R720xd

Communication agile grâce au tableau blanc: EverWhite à la rescousse

Le manifeste donnant naissance au mouvement agile dit qu’il est préférable d’axer sur les individus et leurs interactions plutôt que les processus et les outils. Le tableau blanc avec ses crayons de couleurs variées est souvent cité comme un moyen de communication simple et efficace. Rien de tel que deux ou trois personnes au tableau à discuter pour faire jaillir des idées et clarifier leurs pensées. De la carte conceptuelle au diagramme UML en passant par la liste des stories et tâches de l’itération en cours, il est à mon avis un outil indispensable.

Le côté sombre est qu’il a tendance à devenir difficile à effacer avec le temps. Les marques de crayons deviennent impossibles à faire disparaître. Dans les derniers temps de sa vie utile, on peut y voir des traces de tout ce qui a été écrit récemment même après s’être acharné avec du détachant spécialement conçu. On passe alors plus de temps à effacer qu’à y écrire.

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Live HTTP Headers For Firefox 4 Is Here!

I spoke to Daniel last night and he confirmed that Live HTTP Headers, the Firefox extension for web developers is now fully functional on Firefox 4.

You can download it on The version 0.17 is not yet available on It should available as soon as it is approved by the addons team.

A great thank you to Daniel for his work on this wonderful addon.

UPDATE (2011-05-16): The addon is now available on

Creating new VM with VMBuilder on Ubuntu 10.04

One inconvenient of VMBuilder is the command line length. There is no way you can remember all the parameters without making mistakes. So I created a small bash script on the host servers I manage to allow to create new VMs without searching all the parameters to submit.

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New Adventure: Blogging!

I have being reading blogs for years but was always worried to start writing one on my own. Finding the time and energy to write at regular interval is probably the most difficult thing. English being a second language for me makes it harder and time consuming. I may publish articles in French when I don’t have the energy to switch my brain to English.

This blog will be an opportunity for me to share my experience with free/open source software. I will try to find original ways of approaching subjects others have already written about.

If I am lucky, I will be able to convince my colleague, Daniel Savard, to post in this blog so you will read alternative point of view and subjects.

Your civil and constructive comments are greatly appreciated.

Sylvain Falardeau, president of XSOLI inc.